Aeon’s End: Legacy – Hints & Tips for Game 2

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Aeon’s End: Legacy. You can access all my other posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for the second game of the campaign, and will contain Spoilers from Game 1. You have been warned.

End of Game 1

After completing the first battle, you will have continued the story in the legacy deck to card L05. Each player will have taken their starter card from the legacy deck, and put the unused cards in front of the “banished other” divider.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Starter Cards

The first customisation begins with players choosing a starter card effect, and naming their starter card. Their starter card will either be a gem or a spell, and it replaces one of the crystals in their original starter hand. A new sticker covers part of their player mat, to reflect the new choices.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Insight 1

None of the options are a bad choice, especially when playing with a large number of players. The thing to keep in mind going forward, as you’re adding new abilities to your cards and player mat, is to make the later choices build on the earlier ones.

Deck 1d

4 new supply piles are then available to adjust your market. You must choose 2 of them, to replace the ones you currently have. And you must replace like for like, so that the market remains 3 gems, 2 relics and 4 spells.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Deck 1d

It’s important to keep a 3 cost gem in play, so that you can build your deck. Other than that, you can swap out the supply piles to make a market that suits your style of play. This adjustment is something that will occur at the end of every game, and 2 exchanges must be made each time. It’s a good way of forcing you to play with the different market cards.

Chapter 2

Part of setting up for the second battle is to open the Evolve deck, and Insights 2a & 2b. Set the Evolve deck aside. You will only need to access it when told to read a specific card in the deck. The stickers will be placed on cards with the Evolve keyword, that have a 1 or more circular spaces in the top right corner of the card. The stickers are placed, from top to bottom.

The Evolve mechanic is one of the ways the elements of Aeon’s End: Legacy, **cough cough* evolves. Some nemesis cards force the evolution, by making the card Evolve on every Nemesis turn, or at a certain level of the game. Others, like “Creeping Curse” below, put the choice in your hands. You could choose to Evolve the card so that its effect doesn’t trigger, but the third time you do that, the card will be replaced by a card in the Evolve deck. And you can bet that the new card won’t make things easier for you in subsequent battles.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Evolve Card Aeon's End: Legacy - Evolve Stickers

Among the Ruins

What follows is the set up for the second battle, which occurs after reading the story in the Legacy deck. I have put it under spoiler tags, in case you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Chapter 2 Envelope

Envelope Chapter 2 - Among the Ruins
Open Envelope 2, and pull out the Nemesis mat and the divider for Bladius. Put the divider in the card well, and place the mat on the game table. Bladius has no setup, but you will notice that his mat has a section titled “Increased Difficulty”. This is to be used if you fight him again in the future, after you have fully developed mages, or mages from other Aeon’s End sets. His starting life of 40, is what you can realistically face at this point in your story.

Aeon's End: Legacy - Bladius Mat

He has the additional rule that if his deck is empty, the players lose. Usually defeating all the nemesis cards is a way you can defeat the villain.

One last thing, Bladius does not allow a second attempt to beat him. If you lose your battle with Bladius, you may swap out a market card, with a market card you banished at the end of game 1. But after that, you continue reading the story in the legacy deck.

Deck II
Nemesis Cards
Open the deck from the front, and take all the cards till you get to the “Stop II Middle” card. These first cards are the nemesis deck used to fight Bladius. Similar to the Maelstrom nemesis deck, it is already set and should not be shuffled. Place them face down next to the Nemesis mat. Similar to Maelstrom, the first card of the Bladius nemesis deck will ask how many players you have, and ask you to discard cards if you are playing with less than 4 players. This is a balancing mechanism, to counteract how quickly you can build your deck, if you are having more than 1 turn per round.

The other thing you will notice as you play, is that some of the nemesis cards are labelled Basic instead of Bladius. These nemesis cards are used to make the deck for each nemesis going forward. The cards you have discarded at the start of this battle set the size of the nemesis deck going forward, and will keep it the same every time.

The last thing to note, is that there will be a sticker revealed during, or after, the next battle. Examination will show it doesn’t fit properly. Wait till after the game to affix it, when you can cut it into shape.

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