Aeon’s End: The New Age – Hints & Tips after the First Expedition

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Aeon’s End: The New Age. You can access all my other “AE: The New Age” posts HERE. This post offers Hints & Tips after you have completed the first Expedition, and will contain **spoilers from all games**. You have been warned.

Envelope “End”

The last Envelope contains the 8th, and final Mage, Lost. The deck “END” starts with his unique starter cards, and a few more Crystals and Sparks, to make the starting hand and deck, of any 4 Mage combination.

Aeon's End: The New Age - End Deck

Lost comes with a collection of Forged Sparks and Forged Crystals. They are upgraded 0 cost cards, that deal 2 damage, or give 2 aether respectively. His unique card allows a player to destroy a Spark or Crystal in hand, and replace it with one of the Forged variety.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Mage Lost

His ability requires 5 charges, and allows you to return up to 4 x 0 cost cards in your discard pile, to your hand. 4 Forged Crystals could give you 8 extra buying in a turn.

Deck “END”

After the cards for Lost, we have a final Gem, Relic and Spell to add to the Barracks. This is to give some more variability to future games and expeditions.

Aeon's End: The New Age - End Market

Market Randomisers

The next cards in the deck are the Randomisers for all the Gems, Relics and Spells in the game. This forms a deck for each type of Supply card, which you can shuffle, and then draw cards, to make a random market for a game. All sets and expansions come with Randomisers of the Supply cards. This allows you to combine them all, and draw a Market from all the content you own.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Market Randomisers

There is a misprint on the Pain Conduit Randomiser card. It shows the card as a 2 cost Relic, but it actually costs 3. There might be some confusion when you see this for the first time, but the cost on the actual Relic cards are correct, and the Randomiser is wrong.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Pain Conduit Randomiser

More Treasures

Then we have some more Treasures, for all 3 Tiers. This gives some more variability when setting up new Expeditions, which I will explain in a separate post. It can also be used in one off games. If you add some Upgraded Basic cards to make the Nemesis harder to fight, you can mitigate that by using Treasures.

Aeon's End: The New Age - End Deck Treasures

Mage Randomisers

The End Deck then has Mage Randomisers, for all the released content of Aeon’s End. Make a deck of all The New Age Mages, and any other content you own. You can then shuffle them up, and deal them out anyway you see fit. Deal out 6 and all players select 1. Deal 2 to each player, and they choose 1 to keep. But their real purpose is for Expedition mode, which I will explain in another post.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Mage Randomisers

Nemesis Randomisers

Second to last is the Nemesis Randomiser cards, for all content released so far. Again, only choose the cards for sets you own, and put those cards together, to randomly choose a Nemesis to fight.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Nemesis Randomisers

The back of each card has the title “Nemesis Battle X” where X is a number from 1 to 4. This is a difficulty rating, and allows you to group the Nemesis of each rating together. Expedition mode will then ensure your battles get increasingly more difficult as you progress. Some of the “Battle 4” Nemesis have some adjusted rules on their randomiser card (like Gate Witch, above) to make sure they are at the correct difficulty. When using Expedition mode, ensure you follow the rule changes printed on the card.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Nemesis Randomiser Backs

Basic Cards

Finally we have 4 more Basic cards, in each of the 3 Tiers of difficulty. These are to add some more variability when making a Nemesis Deck.

Aeon's End: The New Age - End Deck Basic Cards

And now, all the decks and envelopes have been opened, and you have seen all the content available in Aeon’s End: The New Age. The next step, is to use it, to make new expeditions.

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