Aeon’s End: The New Age – Hints & Tips for Game 3

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Aeon’s End: The New Age. You can access all my other “AE: The New Age” posts HERE. This post offers Hints & Tips before the third Game, and will contain **spoilers from the first & second games**. You have been warned.

Deck 2B

Deck 2B is opened after after the second battle, adding more cards to the Barracks. 4 x level 2 Treasure cards are the first new items. Unlike level 1 Treasures, these give a communal bonus, that benefits all players. The players decide on one of these to be used at the start of the remaining battles.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Level 2 Treasures

Envelope 2b

The Envelope contains a new Mage, Soskel. Deck 2B contains his unique starter card, and another Spark, so there are enough starter cards for any 4 Mages.

Soskel starts the game with the gem Lucky Coin. This is a 1 aether gem, but you have the ability to refund a charge to get the 2 aether back. This seems to be of limited use, but at the right time it can help to buy an expensive card, or pay off a Power card.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Mage Soskel

His ability requires only 4 charges, and you can do 1 of 2 things. First, you can add an Energise token to any players breach, as long as that breach doesn’t already have one. When a spell is cast from a breach with an Energise token, that player gains a charge. The other ability that Soskel can trigger, is to remove an Energise token from a players breach. That player then gains 4 life.

New Market Cards

The remainder of deck 2B is new Market Cards, which are to be placed into the Barracks. When setting up for the Market for the next Battle, you must choose your 9 supply piles from the 12 that are available. Those not chosen will be placed in front of the Banished Supply Divider, and not used for the rest of the expedition.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Market Cards from deck 2B

Bouncing Boom contains the first instance of the new keyword, Echo. This means that a spell is cast twice, including all modifiers. If Bouncing Boom is cast from a +1 Breach, it will deal 3 damage, twice. If it is cast from a Breach with an energise token, that player will receive two charges.

Battle 3

The rest of this post is about the prep required for fighting the next Nemesis. Deck 3A and Envelope 3a contain the mat, cards, etc for the next Nemesis. I will keep those elements under Spoiler Tags, for those that don’t want to know before they have opened those parts in the game. When you are ready, read card 8 of the Expedition Deck to continue with the story.

Envelope 3a
Contents of Envelope 3a
This envelope contains the Nemesis Mat and Divider for Ageless Walker. No tokens or extras are required when you fight this Nemesis.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Nemesis Ageless Walker

Ageless Walkers difficulty comes in two parts. First, all players have a Curse card in their deck. These cannot be gotten rid of. Every time you draw it, you take 1 damage. So it seems like a mitigating strategy would be to bloat your deck a little bit, in order to limit the number of times you see that card. However this is where the second part comes in. The Unleash ability of this Nemesis is to Exile player cards, which removes them from your deck. It seems like it might be helping you, by getting rid of your 0 cost cards. But you can easily end up having less cards then you started with, and find yourself drawing your Curse card 2 times in 3. The damage can soon add up. So it is best to try and buy the cards back from the Exile Pile when you can.

 Deck 3A
Contents of Deck 3A
Deck 3A starts with some more Upgraded Basic cards. Add these to the ones you already have, and use them all when you create the Nemesis Deck.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Ageless Wanderer Cards

Next are the 4 Curse cards, 1 for each player, and then the 9 Ageless Walker cards. Simply create the Nemesis deck as per normal, and you are ready for the battle.

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