Aeon’s End: The New Age – Unboxing

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Aeon’s End: The New Age. You can access all my other posts HERE.

The New Age, is the 3rd stand alone expansion (or, if you prefer, the 4th stand alone set) after Aeon’s End, Aeon’s End: War Eternal and Aeon’s End Legacy. It introduces an Expedition Mode, which is a series of 4 Battles, against increasingly harder Nemesis. The set comes with an expedition, and contains the rules to set up your own in the future. This makes it very similar to the campaign in the Legacy game, but infinitely reset-able. And allows you to use all the content from any previous, and future, sets or expansions.


The art is as wonderful as always. The cover looks fantastic, and the edge looks good on the shelf.

Aeon's End: The New Age

Opening the lid reveals the one sheet, that has the set up for the first game. Along with the warning that you should read the rulebook before doing anything else. It’s good advice.

Aeon's End: The New Age - 1 Sheet

The first page of the rulebook has the story. I believe this is a chronological continuation from the first 3 sets. Then it has a nicely laid out structure that shows how the game works in Expedition mode, and how a normal one shot game works as well.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Rules

It then has an End of Expedition Rulebook. To be clear, there is nothing in hear you need to read until you have totally finished the Expedition that came with the box. Put it aside until later.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Expedition Rules

Next up is the punch boards needed for the first game. These things will look familiar to those that have played a different set of Aeon’s End, and is nicely covered in the rulebook, for those that are new to the franchise.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Punch Boards

Finally at the bottom, there is a remarkably efficient cardboard insert. On the left are many shrink wrapped decks of cards and dividers. My next post will go into detail about which ones should be opened in preparation for Game 1. On the right are some square tokens in plastic, some player & villain boards, a bunch of sealed envelopes, and 2 life dials. In other words; a whole mess o’ fun.

Aeon's End: The New Age - Insert


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