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To carry on the last thought from my previous Escape Room post, I’ve downloaded a view PnP Escape Room games, and they seem to have two options to resolve the answer part of the riddles: a Phone App, which is not something I can realistically do in the remaining time, or printing the answer to the puzzle, on the back of the card with the riddle. This seems to be a bit problematic, in that you can’t check the cards are organised correctly without looking at the riddles. The Exit Room games have individual card backs with “Riddle x”, “Hint x” and “Answer x” on them, so you can find what you’re looking for, without seeing things you shouldn’t. It certainly seems that should be the way I organise the cards.


This means, another way of checking answers needs to be found. I’m leaning towards some kind of grid printed on the back page of the book that can be quickly referenced when needed. A 10 x 10 grid will have 100 different boxes, that can hold a two digit number, which can be referenced to the Answer cards in the same way as in Exit. And hopefully it can be done in a style that will fit in thematically with the scenario that we go with.


Game Theme

Which brings us to the fun bit. I have narrowed the game theme down to two scenarios: marooned on a sailboat, adrift at sea, or marooned on a space station, adrift in space. They are both pretty similar, as you can tell by the titles, and the puzzles will be about repairing systems for navigation, propulsion and communication, so very interchangeable. I think it might come down to the specific puzzles I can come up with, and whether they are more at home as hi tech, or more low tech.



The Exit games seem to have settled on 10 puzzles to be solved, with an average time of 6 minutes. This is a nice round number, and gives us 10 boxes/cupboards/vaults/doors to open to complete the mission, with one or two of them opening doors into new rooms. Will start breaking down the specific puzzles, and see if this leads me to one scenario or the other.


79 days till the competition closes, from time of posting.


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