Betrayal Hints & Tips – Game 4

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for someone who has played up to Game 3 and is preparing to play Game 4. It will contain **Spoilers up to and including Game 3**. You have been warned.

This will be a short post, because there is nothing new added between Games 3 & 4. I have just a quick reminder about the instructions at the end of Game 3.

Tile Plank 7

Game 3 ended with you destroying a room tile, replacing it with one of the tiles on Plank 7. The other tile on Plank 7 was not to be destroyed, but to be placed in the Tomb, as it may be used later in the Campaign, or after it.


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