Betrayal Legacy Unboxing

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE.

Betrayal Legacy is the 4th game my Legacy game group and I have played, following Charterstone, Pandemic Season 1 and SeaFall. The first 3 games have offered very different experiences, and we are looking forward to another completely fresh campaign. 2 of us have played, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and 2 of us have not. I will be blogging about our experiences, to hopefully give a decent representation of the campaign play. I will endeavour to keep my review posts spoiler free, whilst my Hints & Tips posts will explain the game in great detail. But to start, let’s see what is in the box.


The box art is wonderful. A palette of muted blues evokes a sense of evening, when all the best monsters come out to play, punctuated by a splash of red, to indicate the danger that lies within. The images themselves hint at some of the stories that are to be found inside this particular house, and a clock face with 13 numbers front and center, a reminder that things here are a little bit out of kilter.

Betrayal Box

When you open the box for the first time you see …

Folium Infernum

… the Folium Infernum. The other side reveals that it contains the a series of lettered and numbered windows, that previous experience tells us contain stickers to add/modify Rules, and other components as the game evolves.


Underneath that is a sheet of stickers. A couple of Fog and Secret Passage Stickers, which seem destined for Game Tiles, and 2 different types of coloured crests or shields. The sheer number of them would indicate they are to be used by the 5 possible players in the game for marking, or keeping track of things.

Punchout Board 1

Next up is the first punch board. This has some tokens that match the player stickers, “searched” tokens and small & large obstacle tokens. People who have played Betrayal at House on the Hill will recognise the other punch outs, as some of the starting tiles, and a couple of rooms to be found in the House.

Punchout Board 2

Punch board 2 has some more rooms (although most of these seem to be outside locations?), some more tokens, and a large player board for keeping track of 4 vital statistics, Might, Speed, Sanity & Knowledge. The Player Board is much larger than the ones from the original game. Turning the board over reveals why.

Player Board Back

The back of each Player board has 14 years printed on it; each one a year that part of the campaign unfolds; with spaces for Character names, Age & Fate in each game. There is also a place to note down if they were the Traitor, and if they survived. Punch boards 3 & 4 have the rest of the Player boards, and a lot more tokens.

Punch Board 3

Punch Board 4

With the punch boards out of the way, we get our first look at the insert in the box, and the other things it contains. The first thing that catches your eye is the Rule Book. There are 3 more books underneath it; Secrets of Survival, Traitors Tome and Bleak Journal. These other 3 should not be looked through until you are explicitly instructed to do so.

Rule Book in Box

Underneath the books, we find all sorts of goodies. A lot of them are also not to be examined until instructed to do so. First up is the collection of tile Planks. DO NOT punch these out before you play. You start the Prologue game with just the Tiles in the Punch Boards, making a small Cabin in the woods, built on a hill. More tiles are added in later games.

Minis in Box

There are 4 individually wrapped decks of cards. 2 of them are labeled Legacy Decks, with STOP written on the front of them, and these are not to be opened until needed. 1 of them is labeled Purgatory Deck with the same instructions. Finally there is a Starting Deck, which can be opened. It contains the cards needed for the first game.

There are 5 minis, and 5 coloured rings (the same as the player boards) which can be placed on any of the minis, so you can change characters each game. There are 8 dice, with 0, 1 or 2 spots on each side, and a bag of plastic clips. These go on the player boards, to keep track of changing stats during the game.

Box Insert

With all the components out of the box, we can have a clear look at the insert. It’s nicely set out, with spaces to hold everything. And we can also see a flap of paper at the bottom left, hinting at something more.

Hidden Components

Removing the insert totally reveals a square envelope and a small box. These, definitely, should not be opened until instructed to do so.

My next post will have Hints & Tips as you set up for the Prologue game.

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