Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 5

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**This post is an aid for playing a Charterstone Campaign, and is meant to be read after you have played Game 4 but before you play Game 5. In it I may talk candidly about things revealed in the first 4 Games. You have been warned.**

End of Game 4

The Guidepost goal for Game 4 was to have the most buildings in your Charter. There are only 6 Building plots in each Charter, and the first one is filled before Game 1 starts. So it should be pretty easy for most players to max out. Influence tokens will decide who gets to reveal the choice underneath. And one way or another, Sky Islands have been added to the Campaign.

Sky Islands

Charterstone Rule 1

2 of your 4 Sky Islands are placed at the start of every game, over any of the plots in your Charter, except the basic resource Building. Buildings can be constructed on the Sky Islands, in the same way as normal plots in your Charter. If you have opened the replacement for Rule 18, click on the Spoiler tag.

Rule 18 - Replacement

Despite the construction comments on the Rule 1 card, stating you can build on empty Sky Islands, once Overbuilding is allowed, when you have revealed the replacement Rule 18 card, you can then Overbuild on Sky Islands as well.

Also, because Overbuilding allows you to replace Buildings that have outlived their usefulness, there are two things you have to keep in mind when placing your Sky Islands:

  • You shouldn’t cover buildings you like and want to use in the following game.
  • You shouldn’t cover buildings you don’t like, and want to replace in the following game.

This means you sometimes walk a fine line when choosing where to place your Sky Islands each game.

Guidepost Game 5

Charterstone Guidepost 5

The goal for the next game is to have the most Persona cards. You receive a Persona each time you open a Crate, so it’s possible someone has a head start on this already. But if you think things are close, then concentrating on getting Crates from the Advancement deck and opening them is the way to go.

This Guidepost card also makes it clear, that your big Worker (Meeple) represents you, and your small Worker represents a companion that has been with you since the beginning. Your companion is acting a bit odd around you lately, with the consequence that your small Worker cannot bump your big Worker during Game 5. A simple rule of thumb for Game 5 would be to always make sure you place your small Worker first.

Rule 24

If this has been revealed, click on the Spoiler tag below.

Rule 24

Charterstone Rule 24

Income Buildings allow you to get an ongoing Bonus for a one time cost. As such, the greater benefit is to be had by placing your Influence token on it as soon as possible. Generally, the Income trigger is the 3rd space from the starting position on the Progress track, so you have a few turns to take full advantage.

Charterstone Card 99

As an example, the Architectura Building costs 3 Iron, plus an Influence token that is placed on the octagonal space on the Building. Each player that visits the Architectura can stack a token on top of the last. And then every time Income triggers, the players with a token on the building get 2 VP.

Minions and Extra Card groups

Don’t forget to visit the Minions and Extra Card sections in my earlier post to read about any new introductions to the Campaign. And if Rule 3 and/or the replacement for Rule 18 has been revealed in Game 4, you can check my hints Here.

Set-up for Game 5

Other than placement of the Sky Islands, and to leave placement of your small Worker till last, both of which I talked about above, the main thing to remember is to check the completed rows of Glory for each player to make sure everyone gets their starting bonus. Though a read through of the first page of the Chronicle couldn’t hurt. Best of luck.

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