Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 6

Continued from Charterstone Hints & Tips – Game 5

**This post is an aid for playing a Charterstone Campaign, and is meant to be read after you have played Game 5 but before you play Game 6. In it I may talk candidly about things revealed in the first 5 Games. You have been warned.**

End of Game 5

The player with the most Personas will have scratched off the Guidepost card, revealing the options, and revealing the story that belongs with the 6, randomly assigned Companions. A father, a spy, a thief, an assassin, an amore and the subject of traumatic experiments.

Charterstone Companion

Each Companion needs to be given a name, has a small story to tell, and offers you a choice to make. The choice will give you a Capacity or a Glory, to be marked on the Companion card and your Charter Chest, and the companion will be placed in your Charter Chest … for later.

Guidepost Game 6

Charterstone Guidepost 6

The new Goal for Game 6 is to have the most tokens on the Quota track, so a strategy of collecting, and trips to the Cloud Port will be the way to make that work. Some reminders:

  • The resources you Sell back at the quota track do not have to be the same type. Nor do the tokens you unlocked with Rule 3.
  • Minions that have been placed on a Building can be Sold back. They do not have to be sitting unused in your Personal Supply.

One final tip, is to see if you can combine your resource collecting with Objectives. Many of the Objective cards refer to having a certain amount of a token in the game, so you might be able to double your Victory Points by killing two birds with one stone.

There is also a Temporary Rule in place for Game 6, giving a 1 in 3 chance of a Bonus VP when ever a Player uses a Building in another Players Charter. Note, this does not take effect if you visit an Inactive Charter.

New Additions

The only other things that might have been added to the Campaign during Game 5 is new Minions or Extra Card groups, so revisit those sections of my earlier posts. You might find some of those to be useful when working towards the new Guidepost Goal.

Game 6 Setup

2 Sky Islands need to be placed on each Players Charter. They can be the Sky Islands you used last game, the 2 unused Sky Islands, or any combination of 1 of each. As I mentioned in the Game 5 Post, think carefully about the Buildings you’re going to cover this time around. And don’t forget to check each Player’s Glory related bonus, before the start of the game. It’s a little annoying when you forget to do that. 🙂

The only other thing to mention whilst you play Game 6, is to make sure you reveal the Guidepost, make the choice, and follow what happens when you open the Crate before you assign Glory for the VP points earned during the game.

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