Exit Escape Rooms

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I have now played two different Exit – The Game titles, and they seem all seem to work the same way.

The bulk of it is a deck of cards, made up of Riddles, Help (for each Riddle) and Answers (to each Riddle). There is also a Book, which includes Rules, introduction and more clues to be used in solving the Riddles, and a spinning wheel solver, made up of 3 rings, with a cut out, that reveals a number with each guess of a Riddle. The cards and booklet is easily made in The Game Crafter, but the spinning wheel is not something they make, so a different way of revealing answers for guesses will need to be found. There is a lot downloadable PnP Escape Rooms out there, which means they have to work with out such a complicated device, so will be diving into them for inspiration on the construction.

Still mulling over a few different settings for the game, but I think it will be dependent on how the game functions. I definitely want it to all fit together as part of the theme, if that is at all possible.

92 Days until competition closes, from time of posting.

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