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Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Heroes in the Legendary games by Upper Deck, are a set of 14 cards. 5 copies of 2 different Common cards, 3 copies of an Uncommon card and 1 Rare. Small box expansions for the different Legendary games, consisting of 2 decks of card, generally contain 5 Heroes. This makes up 70 cards, of the maximum 108 available. I have already completed the 4 designs for 1 of the Heroes, Erin Fray. This post is about another Hero,


Gunther is a small time Crime Boss, who hires Melaka Fray to “grab” for him, and then sells those goods to a customer who’s requested them. It occurred to me that the Courage Tokens used in the game could be a good substitute for currency. So I tried to design his cards around spending a little to earn a lot.

The images show the card template. The blue line is where the card gets cut, and the dotted red line is the safe area for all text and important graphics.

Oh … and Gunther is something of a Water Monster.

Card Design

Gunther Common 1

“Looking for Work”, his first common card, is a knowledge card that gets you 1 Recruit and a Courage Token. Gunther knows about a job, and has got the down payment to hire someone.

Gunther Common 2

“I’ve got your grab” is the second common card. A covert card seemed appropriate for dealing in stolen goods. And paying to get something valuable seems to be translated pretty well. This makes the card a bit cheaper than usual.

Gunther Uncommon

“The Boss” is his Uncommon, and another recruit card seemed appropriate. The spend money to make money style of the card seemed right, and I made it a covert trigger to make it a combo with “I’ve got your grab”. Though of course, any red card will suffice. I’ve blanked out the speech bubble, but obviously need to paint it out properly.

I’m not sure about the cost/benefit. Maybe it should cost 6? Maybe the base recruit should be 2 and there could be a second trigger if you have played 2 red cards, and spent 2 courage, to receive 4 instead?

Gunther Rare

His Rare card is a Strength card, even though I’ve left the graphic off this first draft. This is to show Gunther spending the money he earns on his own toys. It also has sound effect text in the top left corner that needs to be painted out. I’m not sure of the art. It’s a compromise of keeping Gunther a decent size in frame, and showing all of his ship. I’ll play around with the image placement before I lock myself into fixing it.

All in all, I think it’s a reasonable set of cards that work well together. Any comments are welcomed.

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