Guildhaven City – PnP Legacy Game

This is a post about the design and development of a currently unnamed Shipwreck Game. You can see the other Blog posts at the Index for the Game.

Guildhaven City

Mike Helm has created a PnP Solo Legacy game, for the 2018 BGG Competition. Whilst still a work in progress, the current version is a complete game, and available for download HERE. The combat system is very much styled on Gloomhaven, but the theme is Super Hero, and it is set in 1958.

It consists of a story being told through a Plot Book and combat Scenarios, that have to be completed to move on through the game. The layout of the Plot Book is similar to the idea I have had regarding the Encounters, the Story elements of my MaYP Shipwreck game. Important plot points are put in a random order (and possibly with some that don’t exist in the game at all as red herrings) so that you can look these things up in a game book, but still keep the hidden things hidden. This seemed to be the best way to accomplish that, in a game that the Player has to print all the elements before playing.

My game will have multiple adventures for the player to complete, and so it’s possible the “Plot Book” will be too large and unwieldy as one set of pages, and it might be split up into multiple Books. But this game gives a good example of the implementation of one element of my game. I will talk about Encounters more, in a future post.

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