Fan Expansions

Marvel Legendary was the game that really got me into the Board Game hobby. The variability of Masterminds and Schemes, and decks combined of different Villains and Heroes just blew me away. The day after my very first play of the Core Set, I bought the Villains set, and began collecting the expansions. And it didn’t take long from there to find the Variants forum at Board Game Geek to find a whole lot more content to play.

12 months on, and a building drive to create a DC version of the read more

Wingtip – Open for Play Testing

Continued from Wingtip – The First Draft

I have played games a plenty of my 9 card version of Wingspan, and I have a handle on the Rules. I believe I have managed to get them down on paper, with rough images giving visual examples of the important things. So, I am making it available for download, and am looking for any sort of feedback on any aspect of the game play, rules, or anything else you can think of.


Side A – read more

Wingtip – The First Draft

Continued from Wingtip – Graphic Design

I finished the first draft of the 14 sides of all the bird cards and have combined them with the Player Boards into 2 pages of 9. I’ve learned a bit about creating a PnP since the last one I did, and as the bird cards seemlessly merge together at the edges, I have just placed small cross hatches in the corners, as guides for cutting. These will get clipped off when the corners are rounded.

Wingtip 9 Card Print Out

I printed double sided on my $40 Inkjet, and cut them read more

Wingtip – Graphic Design

Continued from Wingtip Bonuses

I have built the first 3 sides of the bird cards, and as I have progressed, I have found things I have needed to tweak and adjust. This has meant revisiting the cards and adjusting things. But I think I am at a pretty good place now.

Side A of Card 2

Bird Card 2A

I have decided against adding a graphic to the Habitat Icon. They will be small on a poker sized card, and the 3 colours do the job cleanly. I am using the coloured “dice” from the Player Boards to indicate a Wild food read more

Wingtip Bonuses

Continued from Wingtip – Bird Cards

There are 7 double sided Bird Cards in Wingtip, and each side has an End of Round Bonus. I collected the Bonuses from the original game, and got rid of the ones that referred to types of nests. I thought about doubling up some to get me to the 14 I needed, but instead I created some new ones that worked with the theme. The A&B at the start of each one, indicate they will be on opposite sides of the same card, to eliminate the chance of those Bonuses coming read more