Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2021 – Breeding a Techno Dragon

The next limited event dragon has been released, and there is no surprise that it is another Melody dragon.

Techno Dragon Announcement

Surge + Kwall

Breeding a Techno dragon requires a Surge dragon and a Kwall dragon. The elements in the mix are plant, lightning, water, light and dark.

Techno dragon breeding stats

We just nudged over 100% with the set breeding percentages, so the 3.8% of breeding a Techno dragon drops to 3.72%. This means 19 attempts required for a 50/50 shot. The average fail time of 13.52 hours translates to approximately read more

Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2021 – Breeding a Punk Dragon

Heavy Metal is gone, but the band played on.

Punk dragon Announcement

Lycan + Decay

The specific combo for breeding a Punk Dragon contains earth, cold, fire, plant and lightning.

Punk dragon breed stats

More than 100% of set percentages, so the 3.8% chance of getting a Punk dragon drops to about 2.47%. This means 28 attempts are required for a 50/50 shot of breeding one. The average fail time is 13.42 hours. So it will take over 15 and a half days for an even money chance of getting one.

Cloning a Punk dragon

The same 5 elements are shared when cloning, so let’s look read more

Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2021 – Breeding a Heavy Metal Dragon

The first limited dragon of the Halloween event has arrived. It’s got a beat, and you can dance to it.

Heavy Metal dragon Announcement

Thrasher + Wrath

Thrasher and Wrath are such a great combination for this dragon, and they bring plant, fire, lightning and, of course, metal to the mix.

Heavy Metal dragon breeding stats

Fun fact. Wrath can’t be bred OR cloned when used in this breeding combination. (Or any breeding combination, except for Wrath + Wrath.) Heavy Metal has the curiously specific breeding chance read more

Investing a 13 Year Olds Pocket Money – Part 2

This is continued from Part 1 in which I summarised the Australian Securities Exchange, buying shares in a company, and how the returns of owning shares in a bank, dwarf any returns your savings might make in an interest at that bank. I ended that post telling you that there was a way to buy a single type of share, that represented the whole of the companies in the ASX. You do that through an ETF.


Exchange Traded Funds are a way of buying a single “company” share, that read more