Dragonvale – Summer Event 2022 – Breed a Morphimagus Dragon

The next limited dragon has arrived. And you need a hidden element to breed a Morphimagus dragon.

Morphimagus dragon announcement

Stella + hidden

Stella shares fire, earth, cold and dark. And thanks to the Dragonvale Compendium (and Minyaz who taught me how to use the Dragonarium tab) I discovered that Umbra is a hidden dragon that shares earth, cold and dark.

Morphimagus dragon breed stats 2

Morphimagus has a 4% breeding chance, meaning 17 attempts are required for a 50/50 chance to breed one. 16.68 hours average fail time, means 11.81 days for an even money chance.

But read more

A Thunder of Dragons – Game 2

This is a continuation of instructive play throughs of the MaYP dragon collecting game, A Thunder of Dragons. It will build on the blog post describing Game 1.

Game 2 Additions

There are another 6 cards used in Game 2, adding the suit of Blue Circles, and the primary Water dragon. I create the cards, and because I made a new dragon I mark off a square in the # of Water breeds. This brings read more

Dragonvale – Summer Event 2022 – Breed a Jumpiplop Dragon

I hope everyone had some luck breeding a Ponkipong dragon, and now the new limited has arrived. 2 specific parents are required to breed a Jumpiplop dragon.

Jumpiplop dragon Announcement

Riptide + Psyche

Plant, water, air & dark are shared with these two parents.

Jumpiplop dragon breed stats

Jumpiplop has a 3.5% breeding chance, which means 20 attempts are required to have a 50/50 shot to breed to a Jumpiplop dragon. The average fail time is just under 15 hours, so nearly 12 and a half days for your even money shot.

Cloning a Jumpiplop Dragon

The same elements are shared when cloning, read more

A Thunder of Dragons – The First Game

The first game of A Thunder of Dragons is designed as a tutorial. Drawing inspiration from so many legacy games, you get to play with the basic mechanics, before more complexity is added. Below is how game 1 unfolds. I’ll include relevant comments about the evolution of the game as we go.

The Components

The game comes with a rule book. Actually the whole game is a rule book, because it’s a MaYP game, and the player supplies everything else. The rules cover a few pages, and the campaign/hidden information read more

A Thunder of Dragons – Index Page

This is an easy way of accessing all the posts regarding the design and development of A Thunder of Dragons. This is another Make as You Play game, like my still unnamed Shipwrecked game.