The origin of a beginning

After spending half a year developing a 370+ card expansion for Marvel Legendary, including new mechanics and a new play mat, I thought my first original game should be a much simpler affair. A single deck game with card drafting and set collection would be a great way to begin. So I began a search for themes, with the only requirement that it had to be a game I could play with my 10 year old daughter.

Being a nerd, my first thoughts turned to the Periodic table. Perhaps you could collect rows read more

Esoteric Fulcrum – Rule Book


Esoteric Fulcrum is an examination of the start up process of a board game designer. See what it takes to develop an idea, intertwine theme and mechanic, and play test a prototype from pedestrian to professional. Explore the world of tabletop and card game design. Elegant. Efficient. Balanced.

Game Summary

The object of Esoteric Fulcrum is to come up with any number of original ideas that could be developed into tabletop games … and then develop them into tabletop games. A long process, and there is no read more