Walk through the Grove

Continued from Exploring Verdant Grove

I made some rough prototypes using the  Medium Hex Tiles template from The Game Crafter. Holding them in my hand, it becomes apparent that they are very medium indeed. They will need to be the Large Hex Tiles in future iterations. But that learning is part of the reason to make these physical prototypes.

I used the same picture I’ve used on the Scenic Cards, the Icons that I came up with to signify race and location, and I put a blank spot in the centre read more

Scenic: Form, Function, Efficiency

Continued from “Refining Card Layout & Iconography

My starting point in designing Scenic was simply that it was to be a card game, based around a single deck. Investigating a short print run of the game, or even Print on Demand, from The Game Crafter showed me that they printed cards, 18 to a sheet, so originally I was working with any multiple of that. 3 x 18 is a normal 54 card deck. Adding an extra sheet of 18 would give me a slightly read more