Scenic – Prototype 2

Continued from First Snow

I adjusted the panorama cards to use the Icons instead of English words, applied a colour grade to make Night versions of the cards, and added 3 new races, Brownies, Faeries and Jinns (using just their initials at the moment, as inspiration didn’t strike for their Icons). I generated a random number sequence to work out what faces would be paired up on each card, then double side printed the 36 cards, 9 to a page, onto 300gsm card stock.

PnP Scenic Prototype 2

Exacto knife, perspex read more

Time Loops

One of the game ideas I am developing revolves around the “Groundhog Day” concept of reliving a day until a certain goal is achieved. The mechanics would involve a reset of resources to the game starting point, so that the players would be disadvantaged in this way, but they would be gaining knowledge during each reset to help them achieve their goal. An easy way to work on this game is to read more

First Snow

Continued from Another expansion idea for Verdant Grove

First Snow is a 9 card Print ‘n’ Play nano game, by Tomas Uhlir as part of a 2017 competition on Board Game Geek. It ended up winning a bunch of the awards, including best overall game. It uses one card for scoring, two cards for the players to keep track of inventory, leaving just six cards for actual game play. It is set in Inuit read more

Another expansion idea for Verdant Grove

Continued from Kickstarter Stretch Goals

I have spent a bit of time this past week thinking some more about adding some variety whilst expanding the Scenic deck, and another obvious variance occurred to me … day & night.

There is some obvious moonlight magic that could be added to a panorama; fireflies and lightning bugs, windows lit by internal lantern or fire place, and the moon itself reflected majestically in the surface of a pond. But it occurs to me for another reason, connected read more

Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Continued from Scenic: Form, Function, Efficiency

So I have been researching Kickstarter card game projects for a while. I should say, I have been listening to a lot of podcasts about Tabletop gaming, for a while, which has led me to some Kickstarter projects, like Scuttle, by Peter C Hayword of Jellybean Games, an Australian, currently in Canada, wanting to live in the U.S. He launched his read more