Scenic – Back to Prototype 1

Continued from Scenic – Prototype 2

So having played with the latest prototype of Scenic, utilising extra races and double sided cards, it seems like it might be too much for a single version of the game. During some play testing it became apparent that you could collect a set of 3 cards and get no bonus points for them, if they were a mixture of races and day/night cards. So, with the idea that maybe we should limit a Kickstarter stretch goal to only add night versions of Verdant Grove, read more

Magic to Make the Sanest Man go Mad

Continued from Time Loops

So the new series Star Trek: Discovery delved into the Time Loop trope with episode 7 of the first season. There may be some **Spoilers** to follow, so, if you haven’t seen it, well, you have been warned.

In the Discovery episode, from which this blog post borrowed its title, Harry Mudd sneaks aboard the U.S.S. Discovery and uses a Time Loop to interrogate the crew, as a way of learning how their propulsion system works. Essentially he threatens them with death and read more

Escape Room Challenge

The Game Crafter has just announced two new contests, both of which look interesting, but one which gives a clear direction of concept … an Escape Room. The contest runs until April 3rd, 2018, which allows 150 days to develop and produce the game. First round of judging will be by members of The Game Crafter community, and will be followed by two more rounds judged by Dan Letzring of Letiman Games.

The rules state that the game doesn’t have to be specifically about escaping from a room, read more