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Revisiting the Time Loop idea after watching some more Travelers. If you haven’t watched any of yet, the premise revolves around the consciousness of humans from hundreds of years in the future, being sent back to over write the consciousness of present day humans, just before those present day humans would die. The new consciousness from the future, read more

All Adrift

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To carry on the last thought from my previous Escape Room post, I’ve downloaded a view PnP Escape Room games, and they seem to have two options to resolve the answer part of the riddles: a Phone App, which is not something I can realistically do in the remaining time, or printing the answer to the puzzle, on the back of the card with the riddle. This seems to be a bit problematic, in that you can’t check the cards are organised correctly without read more

Modular, but Static, Hex Board

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A bit of play testing has shown some problems with constantly being able to reset the tiles. I knew something else was going to be needed in order to stop it just being a tit for tat each turn, and I thought the mechanics of collecting the resources needed to bring the Naiads back to home base might slow things down a bit there. I was trying to mimic the game play of Scenic, so I was trying to make things work with a totally alterable modular board. That’s read more

Exit Escape Rooms

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I have now played two different Exit – The Game titles, and they seem all seem to work the same way.

The bulk of it is a deck of cards, made up of Riddles, Help (for each Riddle) and Answers (to each Riddle). There is also a Book, which includes Rules, introduction and more clues to be used in solving the Riddles, and a spinning wheel solver, made up of 3 rings, with a cut out, that reveals a number with each guess of a Riddle. read more