2019 Game Play Resolution – Progress Update

I have been posting a monthly update of my game plays on my Facebook Page. Now that we have passed the halfway mark of 2019, I thought I would take a snapshot of all my game plays.

31st of July is 212 days in, and I have 239 total plays, totaling 144 hours, or 6 continuous days worth of play time. Banking 365 games by the end of the year should be a given at this point. I might change that to a certain number of hours worth of game play for my 2020 resolution, to make it something to aim for. At this point, it seems that 300 hours would be a worthwhile goal.

I only have 2 games with 25+ plays: The Mind, which is a super quick game, and Keyforge, which averages at about 30 minutes, but is the sort of game that gets multiple plays when you sit down at a table. My current H-index is 8, so hitting 10 should also be no problem at all. Likewise, I might change that to be 10 games with 10 hours of play for 2020, to make it something of a challenge.

I have only played 40 different games so far this year. To play 10 games 10 times, plus 30 games 5 times, I need to get a lot more plays out of the tail end. I am sure there will be quite a few new games still to play in the latter half of the year, and no doubt their newsness will get their 5 plays.

Game Stats July 2019

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