Wingtip – Graphic Design

Continued from Wingtip Bonuses

I have built the first 3 sides of the bird cards, and as I have progressed, I have found things I have needed to tweak and adjust. This has meant revisiting the cards and adjusting things. But I think I am at a pretty good place now.

Side A of Card 2

Bird Card 2A

I have decided against adding a graphic to the Habitat Icon. They will be small on a poker sized card, and the 3 colours do the job cleanly. I am using the coloured “dice” from the Player Boards to indicate a Wild food read more

Wingtip Bonuses

Continued from Wingtip – Bird Cards

There are 7 double sided Bird Cards in Wingtip, and each side has an End of Round Bonus. I collected the Bonuses from the original game, and got rid of the ones that referred to types of nests. I thought about doubling up some to get me to the 14 I needed, but instead I created some new ones that worked with the theme. The A&B at the start of each one, indicate they will be on opposite sides of the same card, to eliminate the chance of those Bonuses coming read more

Wingtip – Bird Cards

Continued from 9 Card Wingspan – Mechanics and a Name

The vast majority of cards needed for a game of Wingtip, are those that contain birds. As previously mentioned, these will be double sided cards, and will have 5 birds on each side. I need to build 14 sides of bird cards for Wingtip, and the latest attempt at Card 1, Side A is below.

Bird Card 1 Side A

I have collected over 100 bird images by Elizabeth Gould, and I only have spots for 70 birds, so hopefully that will be enough. Now it is just a matter of read more

9 Card Wingspan – Mechanics and a Name

The last two posts in this series looked at the Cards and the Components in the 9 card game inspired by Wingspan. This post will examine the Mechanics.

Aim of the Game

9 card Wingspan, like the original, is primarily about attracting birds to the habitats in your Wildlife Sanctuary. The winner is the player with the most points, which you gain from the birds, their eggs, cached food and end of round goals. The original game also has the mechanic of “flocking”, whereby you gain points for tucking cards read more