Dragonvale – Valentine’s Event 2021 – Breeding a Giddle Dragon

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The first limited event dragon has arrived; the Giddle dragon; and it can be bred with any combination that includes the right 3 elements.

Plant + Earth + Light

It has a 3% chance of being bred, and the 2 dragons with the shortest breed times, that contain all 3 elements are Forest + Sand.

Giddle Breed stats

No fails longer than 14 hours, and no epics in the mix, so the average fail time is 9.47 hours. 3% chance translates to 23 attempts to have a 50/50 shot of breeding one, read more

Dragonvale – Valentines Event 2021 -Valeice Getaway

All my Dragonvale posts are Indexed HERE for easy access.

The Valentines Event for 2021 has started in the ‘Vale. It has bought with it a bunch of new decorations, and 3 new event dragons (to start with).

Canna Dragon

The easiest dragon first. The new Canna dragon cannot be bred just yet, but it has a 5% social clone rate, and only has 3 elements; plant, water & light. The regular dragon with the shortest breed time with those elements is Seaweed.

Canna Dragon clone stats

5% chance means 14 attempts needed for an even read more

My City – Hints & Tips for Chapter 2

This is one in a series of posts regarding the legacy game, My City. You can access all my posts on that game HERE.

Chapter 2 – The Churches

Envelope 2 contains the things you need for Episodes/Games 4 to 6. Open it up when you are ready for Game 4. The information for the games is hidden behind spoiler tags below.

My City: Chapter 2 Envelope

End of Chapter 2

Episode 6 is the end of chapter 2. When you are ready to continue, open the envelope for Chapter 3: The Flood, which contains episodes 7 to 9.

My Top 10 Games of 2020

I haven’t come up with a better system then the one I used last year. So My top 10 games of the year is based on my plays, and includes a modifier from my current Top 10 list. Top 2 get x5, 3&4 get x4, 5,6&7 get x3 and 8,9&10 get x2. 11 and below get no modifier. The formula to rank my games of the year, is

  • ([Hours played] + [Times played]) * [Top 10 modifier]

So that’s the majority of my game playing in 2020. Would love to hear what you got to the table.

Dragonvale – Winter 2020 Event – Breeding an Angler Dragon

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The Angler dragon has been added to Dragonvale and is available until the event ends. It is another limited dragon with a specific set of parents.

Venture + Gulletail

This combination of dragons adds plant, fire, earth, cold, lightning, air and metal elements. A dizzying array of dragons is possible from this pairing.

Breed Angler dragon

The first thing of note is that Gulletail has a social cloning chance of 0, so it does not appear as one of the possible outcomes.

Then read more