Dragonvale – Summer Event 2021 – Spectacular Spectacle

The Spectacular Spectacle

EDIT: 3 tables have been modified to add the limited dragons, Quantum & Aurora into them. They added between 1.5 and 2 hours to the average fail time. They did not alter the breeding recommendations made. Thanks to Minyaz & JacquIreBriggs for their comments. – Shane

The Easter Event has wrapped up, and we are straight into the Summer event. A new Faire has come to your dragon park, with new decorations and 3 new event dragons. As usual these dragons can only be bought, or cloned read more

Dragon Collecting Board Game

Dragonvale Banner

I’ve been playing Dragonvale, since it was released in 2011, off and on. And ever since I got heavily into modern board gaming, I’ve been trying to think of a way of combining these two passions. But Dragonvale is very much a game for the long haul; literally played over months and years; collecting dragons as they were added. I could not think of a way to turn that into a 60 minute experience, that you would want to repeat each time you played the game. However my latest return read more

Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Breeding a Glasswing Dragon

This post has been updated after a late change in the game of the details of the Glasswing dragon. Shane

The last limited dragon of the Eggciting Egg Hunt has arrived. It has a breed time of 30 hours and like all but the previous limited, the breeding combination is one set parent + some elements.

Glasswing Dragon

DAYDREAM + Light + Dark

But unlike others, Daydream shares both of those elements, so you can literally breed any dragon with it in order to get a Glasswing dragon. The elements Daydream shares are air, light and dark. And read more

Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Breeding a Fushi Dragon

Another limited dragon, requiring just one specific parent, and some elements.

FLOWERHOP + Plant + Air

Flowerhop already adds air to the mix (along with earth and light), so we only need a hybrid that adds plant. The shortest hybrid that has plant and earth/air/light is Forest.

Florea Breeding stats

Flowerhop has a 10% cloning chance plus a 3% breeding chance, so 13% of the time you’ll have it as a 22 hour fail. This helps put the average fail time at 11.84 hours. 4.5% chance of breeding a Fushi, means 16 attempts for a 50/50 chance. read more