Dragonvale – Paradise Event 2021 – Breeding an Enfis Dragon

And finally we have the Enfis dragon. A rainbow dragon this time. And it has the common rainbow breeding requirement.

Enfis Dragon Announcement

Any 4 elements

Luckily, it can be a fail from an attempt at any of the other Event dragons. But if you have them all, and you want the easiest path to this one, let’s look at some combinations that have only 4 elements. Plant and fire are 2 elements you definitely want to have in the mix. Adding lightning gives us Cactus, Scorch, Firefly, read more

Dragonvale – Paradise Event 2021 – Breeding a Yarr Dragon

And another limited has arrived for this pirate themed event. The Yarrrrrrr Dragon.

Yarr Dragon Announcement


Yarr dragon breeding stats

A 3.75% breeding chance means 19 attempts are required for a 50/50 chance of breeding it. Plant, earth, air & metal give some long fails, making an average of 14.70 hours. This means 11.64 days required for an even money shot.

Cloning the YARR Dragon

Strangely, the Yarr dragon shares plant, earth, water & metal when breeding with it. The regular dragon with the shortest breed time is Iron.

Yarr dragon clone stats

Like the other limiteds, read more

4th Anniversary

Another 23rd of July has rolled around, so that makes 4 years I’ve been writing this blog. This is post 206, which means 59 posts in the last 12 months. I have made up some ground, and am just 3 shy of a weekly average post. I have come back to Dragonvale in the last 12 months, and my event dragon posts have given me regular content, that has proved to be quite popular.

Wingtip is done, but it relies too much on tokens to be a decent 9 card substitute for Wingspan. The current cost is USD$33, read more

Dragonvale – Paradise Event 2021 – Breeding an Alure Dragon

The next limited has arrived. Another Treasure dragon. Another set breeding pair.

Alure Dragon Announcement


This breeding pair adds cold, lightning, water, air & metal.

Alure dragon breeding stats

There is slightly more than 100% of set breeding percentages, so the 4% chance of the Alure dragon drops to 3.7%. That means 19 attempts for the break even chance. Lots of long fails gives us an average fail time of 19.68 hours. Which means 15.58 days for the 50/50 shot of breeding one. In the 7 days it is available, there is a 29% chance of read more

The MCU Movies – Actual Rankings

Continued from My guess, at my daughters rankings, of all 23 MCU movies

Before I reveal how I did, a quick recap of scoring. I start with 23 points. I gain 1 point for each ranking I have correct. For each ranking I have incorrect, I lose 1 point for how wrong I am (how many positions out I was).

The MCU actual rankings

So first up, I got none of them correct. So no bonus points. And as I must lose at least 1 point for each movie I didn’t place correctly, I must be at least 0. And actually, because there are read more