Investing a 13 Year Olds Pocket Money – Part 2

This is continued from Part 1 in which I summarised the Australian Securities Exchange, buying shares in a company, and how the returns of owning shares in a bank, dwarf any returns your savings might make in an interest at that bank. I ended that post telling you that there was a way to buy a single type of share, that represented the whole of the companies in the ASX. You do that through an ETF.


Exchange Traded Funds are a way of buying a single “company” share, that read more

Investing a 13 Year olds Pocket Money – Part 1

In 2019 I was gifted a copy of the Barefoot Investor. Which my wife read. And then I did, because she told me it was full of great advice regarding how to think about our finances. And this, like everything my wife says, turned out to be true. It was instrumental in turning our financial position around.

And being a good parent, I immediately tried to pass this financial advice on to my children. This post is a story about my youngest daughters finances. She was 13 years old at the time. So her read more

Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2021 – Into the Dark

There is a new Dragonvale event underway, and 3 new event dragons that are available for the duration. These dragons cannot be bred outright, but they can be cloned. Let’s take a look, in order of difficulty.

Etch Dragon

The first dragon shares just plant and dark elements.

Etch cloned with Fungus stats

10% cloning chance means 7 attempts required for a 50/50 shot. 12.23 hours average fail, means 3.57 days for an even money chance of cloning one. But with only 2 elements in the mix, we can add a fire element, to try and bring read more

Dragonvale 10th Anniversary – Breeding a Tien Dragon

It was 10 years ago today that Dragonvale was launched to the global public. As per usual, there is a dragon (and a decoration) released to celebrate.

Tien Dragon Announcement


Also as per usual, you can breed one with any dragon combination that has the correct 4 elements. In this case, metal, earth, light and air. The best combination of regular dragons to use is Iron + Wind.

Tien breed stats

The 2.5% breeding chance means 28 attempts required for a 50/50 chance. With a 12.3 hour average fail time, you would need 14.36 days for read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Breeding a Wilderness Dragon

The last limited event dragon has arrived, and it has a set breeding pair.

Wilderness Dragon Announcement


This pair shares plant, fire, cold, lightning, air, light and dark. It has a crazy number of possible outcomes.

Wilderness Dragon breed stats

4.5% breeding chance drops to 1.95% when you have over 225% set breeding percentages. This means 36 attempts required to get to the 50/50 breeding chance. With an average fail of over 16 hours, it would take approximately 24 days to get to an even money shot of getting one.

Cloning a WILDERNESS Dragon

The Wilderness Dragon shares read more