Dragonvale – Winter Event 2021 – Breed a Weaver Dragon

The second limited event dragon of the Season of Goodiness has arrived, and it has a specific parentage.


When you breed a Weaver dragon, you combine plant, fire, earth, cold and dark elements.

Weaver dragon breed stats

A lot of possible dragons, means a lot of set percentages. And that means that the Weaver dragons breed chance drops from 4% to 2.42%. The average fail time is 13.29 hours. And combining that with the 29 attempts for a 50/50 shot of breeding one, means you need just over 16 days for an read more

Dragonvale – Winter Event 2021 – Breed a Chorister Dragon

The first limited dragon of the Winter Event has arrived. And it is another melody dragon, with a specific set of parents.

Chorister dragon Announcement

Chorister Dragon

Harmony and Yule themselves, have a specific combination, so they only have a cloning chance, and not a breeding chance.

Chorister dragon breed stats

3.8% chance of success to breed a Chorister dragon, which means 18 attempts for a 50/50 chance. The average fail time is 13.35 hours, so 10 days for the even money chance.

Cloning a Chorister Dragon

Chorister shares plant, earth, metal & light. The regular read more

Dragonvale – Winter Event 2021 – Breeding a Snowflake 7 dragon

After some back and forth with the players, DECA have made the Snowflake 7 dragon breedable. I ran some numbers below.

snowflake + snowflake

On paper, all the Snowflake dragons require 2 snowflake dragons to breed them. They are set up so that their single parent cloning chance is 0%. For some reason, it doesn’t quite work that way, and it is possible to single parent clone a Snowflake dragon. Because we don’t have the numbers on that, and we don’t read more

Dragonvale – Winter Event 2021 – Season of Goodiness

The holiday season is fast approaching, and bringing with it the Season of Goodiness. There are 3 new permanent event dragons, and the cloning chances of breeding them is below.

Winter 2021 Announcement

Chaiko Dragon

The Chaiko dragon shares cold, water and air. The shortest regular dragons are 8 hour breeds. I’ve gone with Fog, because it’s first alphabetically.

Chaiko dragon clone stats

It has a 10% clone chance, so 7 attempts are required for a 50/50 chance. The average fail time is 9.63 hours, which means 2.81 days for your even money read more

My City – Hints & Tips – Chapter 8

This is one in a series of posts regarding the legacy game, My City. You can access all my posts on that game HERE.

The eighth envelope contains the elements for My City, Chapter 8: Prosperity, Episodes 22, 23 & 24. Opening up the envelope will give you access to everything you need for the final 3 games. But I will reveal the information needed for each of those episodes one at a time, under the individual spoiler tags below.

Chapter 8 – Prosperity

My City Chapter 8 Envelope

My City – The Eternal Game

That is the end of the My City campaign. But you can play a read more