Dragonvale – Valentine Event 2022 – Sweet Dreams

A new event has started. And this Valentines Event will hopefully bring us Sweet Dreams.

And this time we have 4 permanent event dragons. I’m going to review them from easiest to breed, to hardest. First up …

Lumineux Dragon

It shares plant, fire, lightning & light. Cactus dragon is a good choice for cloning, but you know I have my favourite.

Lumineux dragon clone stats

10% cloning chance, means only 7 attempts are needed for a 50/50 chance. And with an average fail time of 8.31 hours, only 2.42 days for an even money read more

Dragonvale – Winter Event 2021 – Breed a Zumi Dragon

The last event dragon has arrived, and again a specific pairing is required to breed a Zumi dragon.

Ketu + Snowball

Only 3 regular elements in the mix, cold, air & dark, to make this new Ornamental dragon.

Zumi dragon breed stats

With only 15 possible outcomes, we get the full breeding chance of 4.25%, so 16 attempts required for a 50/50 shot. Just over 13 hours average fail time, means 8.72 days for an even money chance.

Cloning a Zumi Dragon

It shares the same 3 regular elements, and Ruin is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Zumi dragon clone stats

Only read more

Quick retraction for Dragonvale

I just want to send a quick message to my email subscribers, and I think this will be the quickest way to do it. I mistakenly posted information about a dragon not currently available in the game. I have taken down the post, and I just want to apologise to those that are wondering what is going on. Zero dragon is the limited currently available. We are not expecting any other new event dragons until Zero disappears at the end of the week.

Sorry again.


Dragonvale – Winter Event 2021 – Breed a Glitz Dragon

The next limited is here, and there is a specific pairing to breed a Glitz dragon.

Glitz Dragon Announcement

Yanghis + Jadice

This pairing shares fire, earth, water, air & light.

Glitz dragon breed stats

So many set percentages drop the 4.1% chance to breed a Glitz dragon, to 1.9%. This means 37 attempts for a 50/50 chance to breed one. With a 14.71 hour average fail, it will take 22.67 days for your even money shot in each cave you use (not counting enhancements, or gems spent).

Clone a Glitz dragon

The Glitz dragon only shares fire, earth and cold (+ read more