Dragonvale – Summer Event 2022 – The Dragon Bandwagon

A new event has started, with 3 new event dragons. As is the custom, these can only be bought with event currency, or cloned via a charitable friend who is sharing one for you. The cloning stats for the 3 dragons are below, from easiest to “not the easiest”.

The Dragon Bandwagon Banner

Smigi Dragon

The Smigi dragon shares only 3 elements; air, light and dark. Wind dragon is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Smigi Dragon clone stats

10% cloning chance means 7 attempts for a 50/50 chance to breed a Smigi dragon. 11.58 hour average fail time, means 3.38 days required for an even money chance.

Scryer Dragon

The Scryer dragon shares cold, lightning, light and dark. Storm is the regular with the shortest breed time.

Scryer Dragon clone stats

Another 10% cloning chance, this time with an average fail time of 15.49 hours. This will make 4.52 days for a 50/50 chance.

Stage Dragon

Stage shares fire, metal, light and dark. Brass has the shortest breed time.

Stage Dragon clone stats

10% chance yet again. It gives us a decent chance to get all 3 of these during the course of the event. There is an average fail time of 16.22 when cloning a Stage dragon with a Brass dragon. 4.73 days for an even money chance of success.

Best of luck everyone.

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Star Charter – Games 9 to 18

A continuation of my Star Charter campaign; Game 1, Games 2 to 4 & Games 5 to 8. This post will not show every game, but is more of a highlights reel.

The RWinder has released V1.0 of Star Charter so you can now play for yourself. If you are new to Make as You Play, this game would be a great introduction.

Game 10

Star Charter - Game 10 Map

My first outer ring world. It costs 18 to travel from the middle ring to the outer ring. But because I created the hub world of Beaulise in Sector 41., and I could create a space lane from 43. to 41., it only cost me 9.

Game 13

Star Charter - Game 13 Map
Star Charter - Game 13 Cards

Lots of travel around the middle ring in this game, with no hub worlds. That’s 3 hops that cost me 12 fuel each, and then 9 fuel to make the 3rd and final jump to an outer sector, creating a hub world and space lane. You can also see how the cards in the travel line are starting to have a decent amount of fuel on them, to help make the outer worlds more accessible.

Game 16

Star Charter - Game 16 Map
Star Charter - Game 16 Cards 1
Star Charter - Game 16 Cards 2

My longest journey so far. Even though it was mostly around the inner sectors, I still ended up with a world with 8 fuel.

Game 17

Star Charter - Game 17 Map
Star Charter - Game 17 Cards

This was a short game, but the final jump illustrates something interesting. I finished on a new outer sector, but I jumped from a middle sector that already had 3 space lanes. So even though I created the new hub world of Murpokku, I did not get a discount to travel, and it cost me 18 Fuel.

Game 18

Star Charter - Game 18 Map
Star Charter - Game 18 Cards 1 Star Charter - Game 18 Cards 2

New record journey. I actually ran out of cubes, because I only carry 8 of each type with me. And again I finished on an outer hub world with no space lane, so I didn’t get the fuel discount. But my deck now has a world card with 11 fuel.

This is a post (tangentially) about the design and development of a currently unnamed Shipwreck Game. You can see the other Blog posts at the Index for the Game.

Dragonvale – Spring Event 2022 – Breed a Niamh Dragon

The last limited dragon of the “Luck of the Vale” event is here, and you require only 1 specific parent to breed a Niamh dragon.

Niamh dragon announcement

MEADOW + earth + air

The 4 elements in this pairing are plant, earth, air & light.

Niam dragon breed stats

1.5% chance to breed a Niamh dragon, means you require 46 attempts for a 50/50 chance. An average fail time of just over 11 hours, means you need 21.24 days for an even money chance.

Clone a Niamh Dragon

Niamh shares the same 4 elements when breeding. The regular hybrid with the shortest breed time is Wind.

Niamh dragon clone stats

Only 1% chance of cloning, means you require 69 attempts for a 50/50 chance to clone a Niamh dragon. The average fail time is essentially the same as when breeding, which results in 31.88 days for that even money chance. But, because there is only 1 set parent, and Niamh shares the necessary breeding elements, you can combine the breeding and cloning stats for your best chance to breed a Niamh dragon.


Niamh dragon breed and clone stats

2.5% breeding/cloning chance means you require only 28 attempts for a 50/50 chance. 11.33 hours average fail time, means 13.22 days for the even money shot to breed a Niamh dragon.

Because the only set parent is the regular hybrid Meadow, it should be easy enough to get enough of them to breed in every cave. Meadow + Niamh in the Cooperative Breeding Cave and Meadow + Sandstorm in all the others. Best of luck.

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Answers for Dragonvale Trivia – 10th of April, 2022

This is the entry page for “Dragonvale, 10th Anniversary” Trivia at The Dragonvale Community. Click HERE to get the questions. Click on the Spoiler links for the questions, and enter the answers below.

  • Answers must come from your memory. Don’t look for answers any where on the net, or in your Dragonvale game.
  • You are on the honour system. It’s just a bit of fun.
  • Phonetic still counts. I won’t mark you wrong for misspelling.

Winner(s) will get 3 lots of gems and treats from me, as long as they don’t mind accepting my friend request.

Good luck.