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This is an easy way of accessing all the posts regarding the design and development of A Thunder of Dragons. This is another Make as You Play game, like my still unnamed Shipwrecked game.

Dragonvale – Summer Event 2022 – Breed a Ponkipong Dragon

The first limited of The Dragon Bandwagon has arrived. And you only need 1 specific parent to breed a Ponkipong Dragon.

Ponkipong dragon announcement

UNDAU + Fire + Air

Undau already shares fire, so you only need to add air. Wind is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Ponkipong dragon breed stats

Ponkipong‘s 3.5% breeding chance drops to just over 2% and 34 attempts needed for a 50/50 shot. An average fail time of just over 16 hours, means 22.86 days for an even money chance to breed it.

Clone a Ponkipong Dragon

It shares fire, air, light & dark, so we’ll stick read more