Dragonvale – Paradise Event 2022 – Breed an Euryale Dragon

The first limited dragon of the event has arrived, and a specific combo is needed to breed an Euryale dragon.

Euryale dragon annoucement

Mylio + Ikatako

Earth, lightning, water, light and dark are in the breeding combination. Many, many fails.

Euryale dragon breed stats

The 4% breeding percentage drops to 3.156%. This means 22 attempts are needed for a 50/50 shot. 16.94 hours average fail time, means 15 and a half days for that even money shot.

Clone an Euryale Dragon

Euryale is a water, light, dark dragon, and the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time is Lotus.

Euryale dragon clone stats

The 1% read more

Dragonvale – Paradise Event 2022 – Treasure Voyage

(Edit: Numbers for Valeodon & Sea Shanty have been adjusted with the correct number of possible fails. – Shane)

Treasure Voyage Banner

A new event has started in Dragonvale, Pirates in Paradise II: Treasure Voyage. As always there are some event dragons that can only be bought, or cloned with a friend. I have listed them below, from easiest to hardest.

Spinky Dragon
(Edit the IInd: DECA removed the hidden fire element from Spinky, so I have redone the following table as well. – Shane)

The Spinky dragon only shares 2 elements; cold and water; and Ice is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Spinky dragon clone stats

10% chance of cloning, means 7 attempts required for a 50/50 chance of cloning a Spinky dragon. 7.6 hours average fail time, equates to read more

A Thunder of Dragons – Game 3

This is a continuation of instructive play throughs of the MaYP dragon collecting game, A Thunder of Dragons. It will build on the blog posts describing Game 1, and Game 2.

Game 3 Additions

The Question suit is added to the deck, to make it 24 cards, and the Earth dragon is created on 1 Question. The first box is marked in the # of Earth breeds bonus. There are now 6 more regular hybrids available to breed, for a total of 12.

4x4 Dragon grid

The Limited Valentine Dragon

For the next 4 games (from the middle of January to the middle of February), you have read more

Dragonvale – Summer Event 2022 – Breed a Prestina Dragon

The final limited dragon of The Dragon Bandwagon event has arrived. 2 specific parents are needed to breed a Prestina dragon.

Prestina dragon announcement

Prestige + Outrider

This combo shares plant, air, metal, light & dark.

Prestina dragon breed stats

Prestina‘s 4.25% breed chance drops to just under 3 and a half percent. 19 attempts required for a 50/50 chance to breed a Prestina dragon. Average fail time means 14.37 days for an even money shot.

Prestina shares the same elements, and so Chrome is the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time.

Prestina + Chrome

PRestina dragon clone stats

1% read more