Dragonvale – Camping Event 2022 – Breed a Taurian Dragon

The last limited dragon of the “Camping Under the Stars” event has arrived, and it is a 6th zodiac dragon. Like the others, you need a specific parent plus it’s astrological element to breed a Taurian dragon.

Taurian dragon Announcement

Midday + earth

The 3 elements in this breeding combination are earth, cold & lightning. The earth regular hybrid, with the shortest breed time, is Quake.

Taurian dragon breed stats

3.2% breeding chance, means you need 22 attempts for a 50/50 chance. The average fail time is 13.27 hours, which means 12.17 read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2022 – Breed an Aquarian Dragon

A new zodiac dragon has arrived, with a specific parent and an element required to breed an Aquarian dragon.

Aquarian Dragon Announcement

Midnight + air

Midnight shares earth, cold & dark (even though it’s made by combining a Moon dragon (which shares cold & lightning) with a dark element … more on that below), so the regular air dragon hybrid with the shortest breed time is Snow. With an 8 hour breed time, it read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2022 – Breed a Geminian Dragon

The second limited dragon of the event has arrived, and of course, we have another zodiac dragon. Another specific parent + (astrology) element required to breed a Geminian dragon.

Geminian Dragon Announcement

Sunstruck + air

This combination has fire, air, light & dark elements. And with only 4 elements, we don’t eat into the set percentages (unlike with Pisceian), so the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time is definitely the way to go. In this case it’s Wind.

Geminian dragon breeding stats

It has a 3.4% breeding chance, which means 20 read more

Dragonvale – Camping Event 2022 – Breed a Pisceian Dragon

The first limited of the Camping Under the Stars event has arrived, and no prizes for guessing it would be a zodiac dragon. And just like the other 2 zodiac dragons, you need one specific parent, and then an astronomical element to breed a Pisceian dragon.

Pisceian Dragon Announcement

Omen + water

So, this is the first combination, since I’ve started blogging about them, that only adds 1 element to a specific parent in the breeding combination. Omen shares plant, cold, lightning and metal. So, we can breed it read more