Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Breed a Hydnellum Dragon

The last limited of Whitbee’s Candy Bash IX has arrived. And it has that rare breeding requirement, that only needs 1 parent to breed a Hydnellum dragon.

Hydnellum Dragon Announcement

Wendigo + apocalypse

Wendigo shares the apocalypse element. So you can breed absolutely any dragon with Wendigo (including another Wendigo) for a chance at a Hydnellum dragon. But in doing some quick tests, I discovered that any combination that adds another element, decreases the 4% chance read more

Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Breed a Kage Dragon

The latest limited has arrived. A hard to get pair is needed to breed a Kage dragon.

Kage dragon announcement

Wrath + Eldritch

This combination shares plant, fire, earth, cold & lightning. Wrath can not be bred or cloned, so it doesn’t appear as one of the results.

Kage dragon breed stats

Kage has a 4% breeding chance, which drops down to about 2 and a half with all the fails. 27 attempts needed for a 50/50 shot. 13.65 hours average fail time, which makes it 15.36 days for an even money chance to breed a Kage dragon.

Clone a Kage Dragon

It shares all the same elements, read more

Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Breed an Amalgamate Dragon

The next limited has arrived in the ‘Vale, and you require just a single specific parent to breed an Amalgamate dragon.

Amalgamate dragon announcement

Bone + fire + earth + dark

Now, the Bone dragon already shares fire & earth, so we only need to add the dark element. The Dark dragon can’t be cloned, so we should breed with the dark hybrid with the shortest breed time. Making the most of the cloning percentages, this will keep the average fail time as short as possible. The dark hybrid with the shortest read more