All at Sea

Continued from All Adrift

After fleshing the puzzles and the story that might go with it, I have gone with the Boat scenario, because I thought the art would be more interesting. I have also been thinking of the name of the last Blog post, and “Adrift” seems like a great name for the game.

I want to be careful about Spoilers for the game, because play testing this type of game is about not really knowing how it works, but the basic scenario is that the players awaken on a cabin cruiser; the crew is missing; and the boat is adrift at sea. The puzzles revolve around the obvious things you would do if you were in this situation: getting the boat functioning, finding out your location, and getting yourself to land. I’ve made a list of the puzzles to solve, and the mechanics of how to do it. I’ve just got to create the specifics, and integrate them into art work.

58 days till the competition closes, from time of posting.

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