Another expansion idea for Verdant Grove

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I have spent a bit of time this past week thinking some more about adding some variety whilst expanding the Scenic deck, and another obvious variance occurred to me … day & night.

There is some obvious moonlight magic that could be added to a panorama; fireflies and lightning bugs, windows lit by internal lantern or fire place, and the moon itself reflected majestically in the surface of a pond. But it occurs to me for another reason, connected to the future games set in Verdant Grove … maybe the Naiads, or some of them at least, are nocturnal? This seems like something else that could be hinted at in the night time cards. Perhaps we see a silhouette? Or the emergence of a limb or wing as a Naiad starts it’s evening wanderings?

And thinking ahead to the Exploration Game, perhaps the hex tiles will be double sided, with the day and night time images on either side. And as the game progresses, day becomes night, and the tiles are flipped over. You need to get your supplies and men in position during the day, to have a chance of procuring a Naiad after dusk? If it takes you too long, the sun rises and you will have to wait until night fall to try again. Much to ponder …

Continued in First Snow

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