Betrayal Hints & Tips – Game 3

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for someone who has played up to Game 2 and is preparing to play Game 3. It will contain **Spoilers up to and including Game 2**. You have been warned.


Cook Card

The introduction of NPCs (non player characters) are another fun addition to the game. Extra people to interact with, which can give you a bonus in the game. The first two are thematic characters, who’s powers make sense. It’s probably not giving too much away to say that generic man/woman icons are used for a reason, as there will be new NPCs throughout the campaign. It runs over centuries, of course, so there will be new characters, with new bonuses to come.

The Helm

Open the Envelope

This has been an interesting addition, and it’s ability is explained during the set up for Game 3. I will hide the exact purpose of it under a Spoiler tag, for those that want to start the game unknowing. There is not too much that needs explaining, except that its ability can only be used by each player, once per game. A new mechanic that can only be used once, is easy to forget about, during the course of exploring the house, so just try and keep it in mind, once you read it.

The Helm
I am sure you will have noticed that it is full of empty spaces that are just the right shape to hold Crest stickers. Each player adds one to a different spoke on the Helm at the start of Game 3, to get the ball rolling. Then, once during each game, each player can add a sticker, at a time they choose, to reroll their dice, in the hopes of a more favourable outcome. This can be for attack, defense, an Event card or a Haunt roll. The Traitor can even use their one time to reroll for their Monster, if they so choose.

Pick wisely.

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