Betrayal Legacy – Game 2 Review

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post is a review of Game 2, which is designed to give you a feel for the game, whilst containing no spoilers. It assumes you are familiar with Betrayal at House on the Hill.

35 years later …

Betrayal Legacy Chapter 2

The story of the House continues, and we added more room tiles from the planks, along with more Items and Events from the Legacy deck. Another new element is introduced in this set up, with a new Rule sticker being added to the book, as another type of card makes its first appearance. This is another layer of story, and a new mechanic that will make post campaign play more fun than the original base game.

Our group made the choice to always add the new tiles and cards sight unseen, so that they will be a genuine surprise when we discover these new rooms, items and events. In our play through of Game 2, we had the delightful experience of discovering a room, then one of the new card types, followed by a new Event card which were all tied together as part of the story. We could see that the new tiles and cards are not just separate random additions, and whilst the tile stack and decks are small, you have a decent chance of getting those new components, and discovering those connections in a game. I think this will be less likely to happen as the campaign progresses, and the decks grow.

The Haunt

The Red player, the only other person to have not played the original game, was the Traitor this time, so it was nice that we had all had that experience so early in the campaign. He stepped outside, and the Heroes read our entry. We were a little confused about our win condition during our reading of the Haunt, because our set-up was clearly labelled None, but the Survival Guide seemed to be referencing numbers/tokens that were in play. All became clear when the Red player returned, and asked for a number of tokens for his set-up.

In the end the Heroes won, and although the Traitor wasn’t killed, Red decided to “retire” his character after his failure. The game ran just over an hour, plus after game discussion about choices and options, before we went on to immediately play Game 3.

End of Game

We read the appropriate Bleak Journal entry, for the Heroes winning the Haunt, and read the continuing story of the House. A few more cards were added, to expand the decks in the game, and we were also given the instruction to destroy an Event card from the Purgatory Deck, because “it is not part of your story”. We were really seeing how disparate the end version of games could be, depending on how your campaign played out.

And finally another new game component was added right at the end. It was described very briefly, and we would learn more about the actual mechanics of using it, at the start of Game 3.

The Fates of our Players
  • Green – Beth Griswold, now 77, Not the Traitor, Survived, but died shortly after of old age. “Winning”
  • Purple – Charlie Manson, 33, Not the Traitor, Survived. “Went on to hate cooks”
  • Blue – Elyse Costanza, 19, Not the Traitor, Survived. “Had a Ghoul experience”
  • Red – Francis Monk, 7, Traitor, Kinda Died?. “Ended own life at age 8”


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