Betrayal Legacy – Game 9 Review

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post is a review of Game 9, which is designed to give you a feel for the game, whilst containing no spoilers. It assumes you are familiar with Betrayal at House on the Hill.

November, 1901

Game 9 Card

After the fun and games in Chapter 8, integral changes continued into Chapter 9, with important alterations occurring before the usual game setup. The House on the Hill enters the 20th Century, and its last phase of the campaign.

We began on the Front Steps, and began exploring the grounds and the House. We had a good 45 minutes of rooms, events & items, and met the 3 new Inhabitants, before finally triggering the Haunt.

The Haunt

I met the first condition to be the Traitor, and so, for the first time in the campaign, I left the room to read the Traitors Tome. Without spoilers, my goal was to attack all the Heroes, one at a time, and turn them to work for me. It seemed like their goal was to make an antidote which would stop me. They were spread out among the house and the grounds, so it would take a bit of time to get to them all. I was unsure whether they would need to regroup to make the antidote.

End of Game

Turns out, no. They could work on the antidote individually. The Red Player had the necessary traits to make it, and was close enough to a necessary room to do just that. He took out the Inhabitants, and me, pretty much single handed, with the Blue Player helping to slow me down. The Purple player decided staying outside was a smart way of ensuring his Survival. Though he was happy to share in the victory.

The Fates of our Players
  • Red – Billy Monk, 2, Not the Traitor, Survived. “Carrying a whole team on my back”
  • Blue – Elaine Costanza, 24, Not the Traitor, Survived. “Two manned it”
  • Purple – Pedro Manson, 39, Not the Traitor, Survived. “Helped the team”
  • Green – Clarke Griswold, 27, Traitor, Died. (Convincingly so.) “Ended by a concoction, and a flintlock pistol.”

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