Betrayal Legacy Hints & Tips – Game 1

This is one in a series of posts regarding the board game Betrayal Legacy. You can access all my other Betrayal posts HERE. This post contains Hints & Tips for someone who has played the Prologue Game and is preparing to play Game 1. It will contain **Prologue Game Spoilers**. You have been warned.

The Prologue was the perfect introduction into Betrayal Legacy. The Hidden Haunt was something fresh and new for anyone who had previously played Betrayal at the House on the Hill, and the ending of the Haunt was a novel twist, playing on expectations. It was also a very clever way of introducing the new mechanic of Ghosts, as the Haunt would inevitably result in character deaths.



The game starts with only 1 Ghost on a tile, appropriately near The Hanging Tree, where the first Haunt was triggered, but at least 2 more Ghosts were added to tiles by the end of the Prologue. As more Ghosts start populating the house, the Omens will become more powerful, and certain Events will have a greater effect, either good or bad. Well, mostly bad.

So this is just a reminder, that each time a character dies, a Ghost is added to the Tile, when possible.


You may have noticed that not many Item cards were drawn during the Prologue. This was because there are currently only 2 tiles with an Item Icon on them, so odds were against you drawing one in the Prologue. More tiles will be added into the game, so there will be more chances to draw Items, but I’m just going to remind you of the numbers, regarding Heirlooms.

  • You can only Heirloom an Item at the moment you draw the card from the Item deck.
  • Not all Items can be made into Heirlooms.
  • An Item can only be an Heirloom for one player.
  • You can only Heirloom a maximum of 9 Items during the Campaign.
  • There are 13 games remaining.

Essentially, if you have a chance to make an Item into an Heirloom, you should probably take the opportunity to do so. Revisit the number of Heirloom stickers you have remaining as the campaign progresses, but if you have no Heirlooms by the end of Game 4, you need to make an Heirloom every game after that, or you will have less than 9 Heirlooms in the game, which seems like a waste to me.

The Traitor

It was not really something we needed to worry about in the Prologue, with the “Hidden Traitor”, but I think it’s worth going over the benefits of being a Traitor as you head into Game 1. These are all written down in the Rule book and on the Traitor card, but the general benefits of being the Traitor are:

  • You can ignore obstacle tokens (though Heroes are still obstacles).
  • You take no damage from Tile Effects.
  • When taking an action, you may use a result of 5 instead of making a trait roll.
  • You may choose not to draw an Event Card when you discover an Event Tile, and if you have Speed left, continue moving to discover another Room.
  • You may choose to ignore all effects from Ongoing Event cards.
  • You are immune to any negative ghost effects on Event cards.

And that about does it. Have fun.

Postscript: A misprint in the Secrets of Survival.

There is a misprint in the Secrets of Survival, Haunt 37. If you are asked to turn to that Haunt,

Click on this Spoiler Tag
About half way down the page, in the paragraph labelled



there is a sentence that starts “If they would take lose any amount from a trait …” It would seem they changed a sentence from “If they would take any amount of damage …” to “If they would lose any amount from a trait …” and left an extraneous word there. Feel free to cross it out.


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