Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Breed a Kage Dragon

The latest limited has arrived. A hard to get pair is needed to breed a Kage dragon.

Kage dragon announcement

Wrath + Eldritch

This combination shares plant, fire, earth, cold & lightning. Wrath can not be bred or cloned, so it doesn’t appear as one of the results.

Kage dragon breed stats

Kage has a 4% breeding chance, which drops down to about 2 and a half with all the fails. 27 attempts needed for a 50/50 shot. 13.65 hours average fail time, which makes it 15.36 days for an even money chance to breed a Kage dragon.

Clone a Kage Dragon

It shares all the same elements, and so Poison or Cactus are the best dragons to use for cloning.

Kage dragon clone stats

There is a 1% chance of cloning, so 69 attempts needed for a 50/50 chance. Average fail time drops to 12.38 hours, but that still makes it more than 35 days for an even money chance. Wrath + Eldritch is definitely the way to go. Good luck everyone.

Thanks to Quill of the The Dragonvale Community Forum and the Dragonvale Compendium which they created and curate. It is an amazing resource made freely available to all.

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