Dragonvale 10th Anniversary – Breeding a Tien Dragon

It was 10 years ago today that Dragonvale was launched to the global public. As per usual, there is a dragon (and a decoration) released to celebrate.

Tien Dragon Announcement


Also as per usual, you can breed one with any dragon combination that has the correct 4 elements. In this case, metal, earth, light and air. The best combination of regular dragons to use is Iron + Wind.

Tien breed stats

The 2.5% breeding chance means 28 attempts required for a 50/50 chance. With a 12.3 hour average fail time, you would need 14.36 days for an even money chance to breed one. (I have not included Mountain Sun in the fails, because I think it will be unbreedable after the event finishes for good.)

Because you just need any combination of elements to breed one, you can breed and clone at the same time. The Tien dragon shares metal, light and earth, so you just need to breed it with a regular hybrid that contains air. Wind and Chrome both have a breed time of 5 hours.

Tien + Chrome

Tien Clone Stats

With a 12.5% combined breed/clone chance, only 6 attempts are required for a 50/50 shot at breeding one. The fail time drops to 11.9 hours, so less than 3 days should give you an even money chance of breeding one.

Good luck everbody.

And happy birthday Dragonvale.

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