Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Breeding a Chomp Dragon

The 3rd limited dragon of this event has arrived.

STYGIAN + Plant + Earth

One set parent, plus 2 elements. And plant/earth regular hybrids have super long breed times, so Forest is the best choice here for the second parent.

Stygian plus Forest breed stats

There is slightly over 100% of set breeding percentages, so Chomps breeding chance drops from 3.5% to 2.75%. This equates to 25 attempts to get to a 50/50 shot at breeding one. 16.33 hours average fail time, multiplies out to just over 17 days for an even money shot. In the 7 days its available, you have 11 breeding attempts, which would give you a 25% chance of getting one.

Cloning a CHOMP Dragon

It has a small 1.5% chance of cloning, so let’s see the numbers when we clone with a Poison dragon.

Chomp + Poison dragon breed stats

1.5% cloning chance, as always, means 46 attempts are required for a 50/50 shot. And even with an improved average fail time of just over 15 hours, the days required for an even money shot extends out to 28.89 days.

But, when a dragon doesn’t have a specific breeding combination, you can usually combine breeding and cloning percentages. And Chomp is one of those dragons.


Stygian plus Chomp breed stats

Breeding percentage increases to 4.32%, which means 16 attempts are required for a 50/50 chance. Average fail time increase to 16.58 hours, but that means just over 11 days for an even money shot. In the 7 days Chomp is available, you will still try this combo 11 times, on average. Giving you a 38.8% chance of success.

If you have more than one Stygian dragon, I would definitely recommend using them to breed in the EBC and clone in the CBC. It would give you a decent chance of obtaining one. If you only have one, you should use it for cloning in the CBC. The percentages are pretty close, but blue hearting a Stygian dragon also increases the chances that someone can breed with it, which will increase your chances.

Good luck.

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