Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Breeding a Wilderness Dragon

The last limited event dragon has arrived, and it has a set breeding pair.

Wilderness Dragon Announcement


This pair shares plant, fire, cold, lightning, air, light and dark. It has a crazy number of possible outcomes.

Wilderness Dragon breed stats

4.5% breeding chance drops to 1.95% when you have over 225% set breeding percentages. This means 36 attempts required to get to the 50/50 breeding chance. With an average fail of over 16 hours, it would take approximately 24 days to get to an even money shot of getting one.

Cloning a WILDERNESS Dragon

The Wilderness Dragon shares plant, fire, air, light and dark. So you clone for it, there are less fails than when you breed for it. Still a lot … but less.

Wilderness dragon clone stats

The 1.5% cloning chance means 46 attempts required to give you a 50/50 chance of cloning it. An average fail time of 14.86 hours, means approx 28 and a half days for that even money shot. So cloning is the best way to go, if you have the Nightbloom and/or Seraph dragons to use in more than 1 cave. If you only have 1 pair, then breed in a regular cave, and clone in the CBC.

Good luck.

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