Dragonvale – Camping Event 2021 – Into the Wild

Dragonvale - Into the Wild Event

The 2021 camping event is underway, and for a change, the 3 permanent event dragons have only 2 elements. This allows us the freedom to introduce a third element when cloning, to decrease average fail time, without introducing the dreaded rainbow fails. The order I recommend you try for them is …

Aperture Dragon (cold/water hybrid)

The dragon made from those elements, with the shortest breed time is Ice (or Iceberg).

Aperture clone with Ice dragon

This one has a 10% clone chance, so just 7 tries required for the 50/50 chance. The average fail time is just under the 8 hours of Ice or Iceberg, so just 2.32 days will give you an even money shot at getting one.

Thinking about 3rd elements that we could to shorten the average fail time … Plant is the usual one to try, but plant/cold and plant/water hybrids are not particularly short. Earth doesn’t work either. Fire and lightning are opposites to cold and water. Air doesn’t have any hybrids dragons that have less than an 8 hour breed time. Metal adds Treasure dragons. That leaves light, and the Lotus dragon.

Aperture clone with Lotus dragon

A couple of hybrids with less than 8 hours, and a few that are longer. So the average fail time increases by 30 minutes. And the time required for a 50/50 shot increases by 3 and a half hours. My recommendation to breed an Aperture is


ZipZap Dragon (dark/lightning hybrid)

Normally it would be best to use the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time, because the extra 10% of cloning time added to the breed time, would make a bigger difference then the extra 5% of cloning time added to the small percentage of breeding time that a golden hybrid has. However, Wisp is such a shorter breed time then Spark, that we are better of with 9% chance of Wisp then 47% chance of Spark.

Zipzap clone with Wisp dragon

It has a 10% chance of cloning, so again, we just need 7 attempts or a 50/50 shot at breeding a ZipZap dragon. The average fail time is 10.18 hours, so just under 3 days for that even money shot. Adding the plant element, means Cactus will be the shortest breed time.

Zipzap clone with Cactus dragon

Average fail time drops to just under 8 and a half hours, so the even money chance happens at just under 2 and a half days. My recommendation to breed a ZipZap dragon is


Burrow Dragon (earth/fire hybrid)

I’ve left this one to last, because I think you should too. It only has a 4% chance of cloning. There are only 3 hybrids with those 2 elements (other than the new Burrow). Obsidian is the shortest with an 8 hour breed.

Burrow clone with Obsidian dragon

17 attempts are required for a 50/50 shot. 8.59 hours average fail time, means just over 6 days to get one.

But, this is a good couple of elements to mix with plant, so let’s see what it looks like if you clone with a Poison dragon.

Burrow clone with Poison dragon

There are so many dragons with those short fail times, that the average fail drops to 6.3 hours. This makes the time required for an even money chance of getting one, less than 4 and a half days. So my cloning recommendation is


8 days till the first limited arrives. Good luck with working on the permanents till then.

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    Did you mean ZipZap + Cactus?

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