Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Breeding a Kroki Dragon

The next limited dragon has arrived. It also requires a specific dragon and 2 elements.

Kroki Dragon Announcement

DAYLILY + Plant + Earth

As Minyaz reminded me about the breeding hint for Narcis, plant is already shared by the Daylily dragon. So we only need an earth hybrid (that includes plant, fire or air) to breed with the Daylily. There is no regular earth hybrid dragon with a short breed time (8 hours for Obsidian is the shortest) so Sandstorm is the way to go.

Kroki dragon breed stats

Daylily has a 1% cloning chance in regular breeding caves, and 3.5% in the social breeding cave. I am assuming most people will breed in their park, and clone in the CBC, so I have used 1%. in this table. It doesn’t affect things too much either way.

Just like the Narcis dragon, the Kroki has a 4.5% chance of breeding. But the short breed times with these 4 elements, mean you only have a 9.9 hours average fail time (about 5 hours shorter than the Narcis. The 16 attempts required for an even money chance mean just 6.6 days for a 50/50 shot at the Kroki dragon (3 days shorter than the Narcis). And just like the Narcis dragon, there is a better chance of cloning one in the CBC.

Cloning a Kroki dragon

With Plant and Fire elements in the mix, we can use the 30 minute Poison dragon.

Kroki dragon clone stats

Average fail time drops more than a day, and the 10% chance means only 7 attempts are required for a 50/50 shot. After 2.58 days, your odds of cloning one are just increasing. And breeding Poison + Kroki non-stop for the full week, you will have an 87% chance of cloning a Kroki dragon. But DECA are obviously smiling on us at the moment, because, like Narcis, you can breed and clone for the Kroki dragon at the same time.


Kroki shares the plant + earth elements you need to breed with a Daylily dragon. Breeding your Daylily with a friends Kroki gives you a chance of breeding and cloning at the same time.

Kroki dragon clone and breed stats

Daylily cloning percentage goes to 3.5% in the CBC, and the average fail time is 9.52 hours. But 14.5% chance of clone/breeding a Kroki, means only 5 attempts are needed for a 50/50 shot, or just under 2 days. Breeding Daylily + Kroki for the full 7 days will give you a 94% chance of getting a Kroki. Each gem you spend to speed up just increases those already very good odds.

Best of luck.

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