Dragonvale – Easter Event 2021 – Eggciting Egg Hunt

Eggciting Egg Hunt

Easter is on its way, and a new Dragonvale event has begun. New decorations are available, and as usual we begin the event with 3 new event dragons. These dragons cannot be bred in your park, but you can clone one in the CBC if a friend is sharing it. Let’s look at some numbers, starting with the easiest dragon to clone.

Wolper Dragon

The Wolper Dragon shares 4 elements: plant, fire, earth & light, and has a 1.5% chance of cloning. The regular dragon with the shortest breed time containing those elements, is Poison.

Wolper dragon clone with Poison dragon

We keep the full 1.5% chance of cloning, with an average fail time of 8.94 hours. 46 attempts required for a 50/50 shot, means 17.14 days of non-stop breeding to have an even shot of getting one. Quick look at cloning with a Plant dragon …

Wolper dragon clone with Plant dragon

Average fail time goes up to 9.78 hours, which makes it 18.74 days needed for a 50/50 shot of getting one.

Peoni Dragon

The Peoni dragon has plant, cold, earth & lightning elements. Cactus is the regular with shortest breed time.

Peoni dragon clone with Cactus dragon

It also has a 1.5% chance, but an average fail time of 11 and a half hours. 46 attempts becomes just over 22 days of non-stop breeding for a 50/50 shot. Peoni + Plant looks like this …

Peoni dragon clone with Plant dragon

12.41 average fail time, adds over 54 minutes. Multiplied by 46 attempts is 42 more hours for an even money shot at getting a Peoni dragon.

Snooz Dragon

And lastly, the Snooz dragon, which has a dream element, and shares all 10 regular elements. It starts with a 10% cloning chance, but this really drops down with all the dragons with a set cloning chance. (Or does it? There’s some question about whether the cloning % is affected by the other set % … this might be a good dragon to test this … anyway, I’m working on the assumption that its cloning chance will drop … scroll down … a long way … to see the results.)

Snooz dragon clone with Poison

As I’ve said in a previous post, it seems the chance of a regular hybrid does not drop to zero, but just a very small number. I have split 1% between all the regular hybrids, when in this instance makes it look like 0.00% because there are so many of them. The 10% cloning chance drops to 2.14%, which is higher than Wolper and Peoni. But all the possible epics help make the average fail time 15.6 hours. The 35 breeding attempts required for an even money shot, add up to 22.75 hours when you try to clone with Poison, the longest of the 3 event dragons.

Snooz dragon clone with Plant

Trying to clone with a Plant dragon, increases the cloning chance to 2.19%. And the average fail only increases to 15.93 hours. But the increase of cloning chance by 0.04% doesn’t decrease the number of attempts required for an even money shot at getting one. So 35 attempts x 15.93 hours, makes it 23.24 days, or nearly an extra 12 hours for a 50/50 shot at getting one.

I’ll post again next week when the first limited event dragon is released.

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