Dragonvale – Halloween Event 2022 – Breed a Hydnellum Dragon

The last limited of Whitbee’s Candy Bash IX has arrived. And it has that rare breeding requirement, that only needs 1 parent to breed a Hydnellum dragon.

Hydnellum Dragon Announcement

Wendigo + apocalypse

Wendigo shares the apocalypse element. So you can breed absolutely any dragon with Wendigo (including another Wendigo) for a chance at a Hydnellum dragon. But in doing some quick tests, I discovered that any combination that adds another element, decreases the 4% chance of breeding a Hydnellum. So you should use the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time. In this case, Obsidian.

Hydnellum dragon breed stats

These numbers are from the regular breeding caves in the park, so Obsidian only has an extra 1% chance of cloning. If you breed a Wendigo + an Obsidian in the Cooperative Breeding Cave, the chance of Obsidian is boosted by 10% and the average fail time drops. Have a play around in the Dragonvale Compendium.

The 4% chance of Hydnellum means 17 attempts are required for a 50/50 shot. The 14.21 hour average fail time, means just over 10 days for an even money chance.

Clone a Hydnellum

Hydnellum dragon clone stats

The Hydnellum cloning chance is only 1%. So 69 attempts needed, and over 40 days for a chance to clone it.

But, as I said earlier, you can breed any dragon with Wendigo for a chance to breed a Hydnellum dragon. And that means you can combine the breed and clone chances.

Wendigo + Hydnellum

Hydnellum breed and clone stats

5% breed/clone chance, means only 14 attempts are needed for a 50/50 chance. With a 14.22 hour average fail time, it will take just 8.3 days for an even money chance. Good luck everyone.

Thanks to Quill of the The Dragonvale Community Forum and the Dragonvale Compendium which they created and curate. It is an amazing resource made freely available to all.

All my Dragonvale posts are Indexed HERE for easy access.

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