Dragonvale – Thanksgiving Event 2021 – Breed a Huddle Dragon

The next limited dragon has arrived. And a set combination is needed to breed a Huddle dragon.

Huddle Dragon Announcement

Harvest + Karroot

The pairing combines plant, earth, water, light & dark. Oh, and I know Karroot doesn’t actually have a breed or clone chance. I had to put in a very small percentage to differentiate it from a regular hybrid, which actually has a 0 set percentage. Karroot does not appear as a possibility in the following list.

Huddle dragon breed stats

There is greater than 100% of set percentages, so the 3.75% chance to breed a Huddle dragon drops to 3.15%. 22 attempts needed for a 50/50 shot. An average fail time of 15.47 hours, means 14.18 days for an even money chance. The average fail time will give you 11 chances to try for it in a week (without speeding up with gems). This will give you about a 30% chance of getting one in 1 cave, or 50% chance if you try non stop in both caves.

Huddle dragon Clone

Huddle only shares plant, earth and light. Sand is the regular dragon with the shortest breed time.

Huddle dragon clone stats

Huddle has a 10% clone chance, so only 7 attempts needed for a 50/50 shot. The average fail time is 9.62 hours, meaning 2.81 days for your even money shot. It is not even close. Huddle + Sand is absolutely the best way to go.

Good luck everyone. And as always, gems for the first person to share this post in https://dragonvale-tips.proboards.com/thread/1359/om-noms-country-roads

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