Dragonvale – Thanksgiving Event 2021 – Country Dragon

First event limited dragon is here, with set parents.

Country dragon announcement

Harvest Moon + Seed

The combo to breed a Country dragon shares plant, earth, cold, lightning, water and light.

Country dragon breed stats

All those set percentages drops the chance of breeding a Country dragon from 3.8% to 2.18%. 35 attempts required for a 50/50 chance, and an average fail time of just over 15 hours. This means a fraction under 22 days for an even money chance of breeding one. Breeding non stop for 7 days will give you a 23% chance of getting one.

Clone a Country dragon

Country shares all those elements, save lightning. This saves quite a few fails from the combo used to breed a Country dragon, and the regular hybrid with the shortest breed time is Seaweed.

Country dragon clone stats

The average fail time drops an hour, but the cloning chance is only 1.5%. 46 attempts for the 50/50 chance, so just under 27 days to clone a Country dragon. This means the best chance of getting one is

Harvest Moon + Seed

Use that combo in as many breeding caves as possible. And best of luck to us all.

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