Dragonvale – Valentine Event 2022 – Breed a Mesmer Dragon

The last limited event dragon has been released, and you need 2 specific parents to breed a Mesmer dragon.

Mesmer Dragon Announcement

Masque + Scorn

This combination shares plant, fire, earth, cold, lightning & air. There are a lot of combinations.

Mesmer dragon breed stats

226.75% in set percentages, so the 3% chance of Mesmer drops to 1.27%. 56 attempts required for a 50/50 shot, and with a 17.62 hour average fail time, it will take 41.11 days for that even money shot.

Cloning a Mesmer Dragon

It shares the same 6 elements, so Poison or Cactus is a good choice for cloning.

Mesmer dragon clone stats

Cloning of 1% chance, means 69 attempts for a 50/50 shot. The average fail time drops to 15.14 hours, which means 43.54 days for an even money shot to breed a Mesmer dragon.

It is actually pretty close between breeding and cloning. But on average it will be slightly quicker with Masque + Scorn

Good luck everyone.

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