Dragonvale – Valentine Event 2022 – Breed an Orlena Dragon

The first limited dragon of the event has arrived, so let’s look at how to breed an Orlena dragon.

Orlena dragon Announcement


With only 1 set parent, we can pair a Rosegold dragon with any dragon that is made of, or shares, fire. The regular hybrid with the shortest breed time, is Poison.

Orlena dragon breed stats

Just under the 100% set breeding percentage, means you get the full 4.25% chance to breed an Orlena dragon. 16 attempts required for a 50/50 chance. An average fail time of exactly 12.33 hours, means 8.22 for an even money chance.

Cloning an ORLENA Dragon

All the same regular elements are shared when cloning. So we can clone with Poison again.

Orlena dragon clone stats

10% chance of cloning, and no Rosegold as a fail. So 7 attempts for that 50/50 chance and the average fail time drops to just under 11 hours. This means 3.2 days for an even money chance to clone one.

But with only 1 set parent, you can clone with a Rosegold dragon, to combine breeding and cloning chances.

Orlena dragon breed and clone stats

Set percentages are still under 100, so you get the full 14.25% chance to breed an Orlena dragon. Just 5 attempts for a 50/50 chance. And with an average fail time of 12.28 hours, you reach that even money shot in just over 2 and a half days.

So Rosegold + Orlena is the best combo to use in the Social Breeding Cave to get your first. But Rosegold + Poison in your park will also give you a decent chance.

Good luck everyone.

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